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The first three semester of pregnancy

The first three semester of pregnancy

Pregnancy is the sustenance and grace to be grateful. Therefore, it must be prepared well and keep the mother healthy during her pregnancy. It covers her habits, activities, dietary habits, and nutritious food.

There are some tips that a mother should do at the first three semester of her pregnancy.

First, start to get used to wearing loose clothes. And drink water and juice much, at least 12 glasses a day because in this period, she will often get vomited and nausea. One of the causes is dehydration. Another thing that she can do to avoid vomiting and nausea is getting up from bed slowly as well as laying on bed.

Next, brush teeth after having meals or vomiting.

Furthermore, pay attention to dietary habits. To keep a pregnant mother healthy as well as her baby is very important. Unfortunately, not all mothers know what healthy food they must consume during her pregnancy. The food must be consumed is vegetables which are very useful for mother and her baby. Fruit is also important. Banana, apple and other fibrous fruits are very good.

Milk is also important for her pregnancy. Milk contains protein which is very useful for her pregnancy to make her and the baby healthy. It helps the growth of the baby cells. Other processed product of milk like cheese is very good for the baby’s bone growth. Next healthy food is seafood. Seafood contains protein and omega fat acids. They are very good in supporting baby’s brain growth. Cereal is recommended food for pregnant mother. This food contains much nutrition which badly needed by the mother and the baby; vitamin B, calcium, and carbohydrate that will support the baby’s growth and the mother’s health. Nuts like soy beans, green beans, or red beans are also good because it contains vitamin B and folic acids.


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Desciption: There are some tips that a mother should do at the first three semester of her pregnancy.